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Competition Policy Review

The Prime Minister and the Minister for Small Business announced a review of competition policy on 4 December 2013. On 27 March 2014, the Minister for Small Business released the final Terms of Reference following consultation with the States and Territories and announced the Review Panel.

The Terms of Reference ask the Review Panel to release an Issues Paper and a Draft Report before finalising their Report to the Government within 12 months.

The Issues Paper was released on 14 April 2014 and was open for submissions until 10 June 2014. Submissions in response to the Issues Paper will be published in tranches. The first 316 non-confidential submissions are now available (2 of which are newly published, uploaded on 5 September 2014). A fact sheet [PDF 355KB | RTF 2.39KB] is also available and has information on the Review.

Watch Professor Harper make his first statement on submissions to the Competition Policy Review.

A listing of forums which were held around the country, in cities and in the region is available on the consultation page.

There will be further opportunities for consultation after the release of the Draft Report (currently scheduled for release at the end of September).

You can subscribe to receive email updates about the release of papers and information on further consultations sessions.