Draft Report Submissions

The Draft Report was released on 22 September 2014. Submissions closed on 17 November 2014.

The opinions expressed in the submissions are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Government or the Competition Policy Review.

Submissions listed alphabetically A-C

Document name PDF
ABB Australia 2.6 MB
Abdulla, I 141 KB
Accessible Publishing Systems Pty Ltd 2.6 MB
ACM Parts 405 KB
ACT Health 86 KB
ACT Policing 46 KB
Action for Public Transport NSW 445KB
Advisory Council on Intellectual Property 208 KB
AGL Energy 202 KB
Aguiar, A 31 KB
AIPPI Australia 63 KB
Aldi Stores 359 KB
Alexander, D 86 KB
Alinta Energy 359 KB
Allen, R 255 KB
ALM Group 68 KB
Altman, G 186 KB
American Bar Association 40 KB
Anglican Church Diocese of Sydney 531 KB
Anglicare Sydney 480 KB
Anonymous 10 KB
Anonymous Retailer 88 KB
APA Group 1.31 MB
Applied Medical 1.5 MB
Arblaster, M 29 KB
Argyropoulos, S 85 KB
Arnold Bloch Leibler 800 KB
Asciano 409 KB
Ashurst 165 KB
Australasian Association of Convenience Stores Limited 303 KB
Australasian Performing Right Association Limited & Australasian Mechanical Copyright Owners’ Society 75 KB
Australasian Professional Society on Alcohol and other Drugs 387 KB
Australian & International Pilots Association 78 KB
Australian Automobile Association 117 KB
Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association 3.6 MB
Australian Automotive Dealer Association 1.7MB
Australian Booksellers Association Inc 688 KB
Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry 531 KB
Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission 7.9 MB
Australian Chicken Growers Council 228 KB
Australian Communications Consumer Action Network 950 KB
Australian Competition and Consumer Commission 1.4 MB
Australian Copyright Council 424 KB
Australian Corporate Lawyers Association 75 KB
Australian Council of Trade Unions 343 KB
Australian Dairy Farmers 183 KB
Australian Dental Association 507 KB
Australian Diagnostic Imaging Association 215 KB
Australian Digital Alliance & Australian Libraries Copyright Committee 578 KB
Australian Drug Foundations 74 KB
Australian Education Union 168 KB
Australian Energy Market Commission 1.3 MB
Australian Energy Market Operator 215 KB
Australian Energy Regulator 189 KB
Australian Food and Grocery Council 1.7MB
Australian Forest Products Association 178 KB
Australian Health Promotion Association 460 KB
Australian Imported Motor Vehicle Industry Association 408 KB
Australian Industry Group 2.8MB
Australian Information Industry Association 164 KB
Australian Institute of Company Directors 950 KB
Australian Liquor Stores Association 202 KB
Australian Local Government Association 177 KB
Australian Logistics Council 152 KB
Australian Motor Industry Federation 458 KB
Australian National Retailers Association 2.3MB
Australian Newsagents Federation 3.0 MB
Australian Peak Shippers Association 6.6 MB
Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association 916 KB
Australian Pipeline Industry Association 260 KB
Australian Pork Limited 147 KB
Australian Private Hospitals Association 412 KB
Australian Property Institute (NSW Division) 265 KB
Australian Publishers Association 621 KB
Australian Rail Track Corporation 1.1 MB
Australian Recording Industry Association 2.0 MB
Australian Retailers Association 300 KB
Australian Screen Association 229 KB
Australian Society of Authors 356 KB
Australian Sugar Milling Council 3.0 MB
Australian Taxi Industry Association 432 KB
Australian Union of Students 3.0 MB
Australian United Retailers 1.2 MB
Australian Unity 78 KB
Australian Wagering Council 508 KB
Australian Water Association 2.1 MB
Auto Services Group 121 KB
Bain, D 14 KB
Baker & McKenzie 5.9 MB
Baking Association of Australia 58 KB
Ball, G 208 KB
Beaton-Wells, C and Fisse, B 276 KB
Benedetti, J 142 KB
Bhagwati Australia 28 KB
Bhela, A 16 KB
BHP Billiton 525 KB
Bi-Rite Roma 18 KB
Board of Airline Representatives of Australia 259 KB
Bond University 102 KB
Boral 1.68 MB
Brandrick, C 85 KB
Bridge, H 151 KB
Brimbank City Council 681 KB
Brisbane City Council 327 KB
Brooks, L 25 KB
Brown, D 86 KB
Brown, D C 30 KB
Brown, J 38 KB
Brown, P 25 KB
Brown, T 27 KB
Brownlie, P 16 KB
Business Council of Australia 1.1 MB
Business Council of Co-operatives and Mutuals 322 KB
Business SA 350 KB
Byrne, de Roos and Beaton-Wells 544 KB
Caldwell, D 16 KB
Cameron, S 12 KB
Campervan and Motorhome Club of Australia 413 KB
Cammarata, M 33 KB
Camp, R 85 KB
Cancer Council NSW 303 KB
Canegrowers 234 KB
Carr, E 85 KB
Carter, R 615 KB
Casper, Z 66 KB
Catholic Social Services 306 KB
Cement Industry Federation 606 KB
Central Markets of Australia Association 307 KB
Centre for International Finance and Regulation 1.2 MB
Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland 159 KB
Chemist Warehouse 641 KB
Childers IGA 34 KB
City of Melbourne 29 KB
City of Port Phillip 681 KB
City of Sydney Council 587 KB
Clarke, J 165 KB
Clarke, Professor P 53 KB
Colac Otway Shire Council 145 KB
Coles Group Limited 522 KB
Colhoun, D 29 KB
Comino, A 13 KB
Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions 433 KB
Communications Law Centre, UTS 556 KB
Community and Public Sector Union 651 KB
Community Employers WA 406 KB
Consult Australia 1.22 MB
Consumer Action Law Centre 1.1 MB
Consumer Utilities Advocacy Centre 434 KB
Consumers Federation of Australia 6.7 MB
Consumers Health Forum 1.8 MB
Copyright Agency 107 KB
Corones, S 152 KB
Costa, P 7 KB
Council of Private Higher Education 536 KB
Council of Small Business Australia 227 KB
Council of Textile and Fashion Industries of Australia 236 KB
Cowley, J 13 KB
Cox, A 30 KB
CPA Australia 64 KB
Crawford, C 30 KB
CropLife Australia 308 KB
CSR Limited 273 KB
CSR Limited (submission 2) 30 KB
Cunningham, M 2.6 MB
Customer Owned Banking Association 180 KB
Submissions listed alphabetically D-M

Document name PDF
Daly, W 142 KB
Davis, T 23 KB
Denehy, M 26 KB
Department of Communications 2.6 MB
Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development 356 KB
Djokov, A 139 KB
Dodgshun, B 27 KB
DomGas Alliance 371 KB
Duke, A 14 KB
Dunbar, A 12 KB
eBay 421 KB
Economic Regulation Authority 8.5 MB
Edge, P 47 KB
Electronic Frontiers Australia 379 KB
Energy Australia 132 KB
Energy Networks Association 401 KB
Energy Supply Associations of Australia 376 KB
Entwistle, B 12 KB
Ergas, H and Fels, A 1.2 MB
Ergas, Professor H & Pincus, Professor J 51 KB
Family Business Australia 31 KB
Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries 4.0 MB
Financial Services Council 510 KB
Ford Australia 2.7 MB
Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education 6.2 MB
Foxtel 171 KB
Francis, A 171 KB
Frontier Economics 118 KB
G4S Australia 8.3 MB
G&T Security 44 KB
Garland, A 85 KB
Glencore Coal Australia 294 KB
Global Shippers’ Forum 133 KB
Goldsworthy, J 42 KB
Google 2.9 MB
Grain Producers SA 565 KB
Greenpeace 1.4 MB
Greeve, K 8 KB
Growcom 67 KB
Guppy, D 140 KB
Hachette Australia 1.3 MB
Hackett, M 27 KB
Hamelink, F 26 KB
Harper Collins Publishers Australia 603 KB
Health Insurance Restricted and Regional Membership Association of Australia 410 KB
Heaton, L 28 KB
Heerey AM QC, P 705 KB
Heiller, J 137 KB
Helmore, B 85 KB
Hoad, R 437 KB
Hobson Bay Council 500 KB
Hogg, N 25 KB
Holden, A 27 KB
Holiday and Short Term Rental Industry Association 1.1 MB
Housing Industry Association of Australia 126 KB
HoustonKemp 587 KB
Ice Box Liquor 195 KB
Iddon, K 85 KB
IGA Cashmere 25 KB
IGA Tugun Beach 790 KB
IGA Walloon 32 KB
IGA X-Press Alexandra Hills 29 KB
IGA X-Press Kangaroo Point 30 KB
iiNet 213 KB
Independent Contractors Australia 905 KB
Independent Schools Council of Australia 401 KB
Independent Schools Victoria 154 KB
Industry Super Australia 458 KB
InfraShare Partners 357 KB
Ingham Family Medical Practice 10.5 MB
Institute of Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys of Australia 165 KB
Institute of Public Accountants 115 KB
Insurance Australia Group 99 KB
Insurance Council of Australia 270 KB
International Chamber of Shipping 101 KB
Jacobs, A 15 KB
Jemena 696 KB
Jepson, P 141 KB
Jepson, P (submission 2) 12 KB
Jesuit Social Services 847 KB
JMA Parties 13.2 MB
Johnson, R 17 KB
Joint Councils of Social Service 609 KB
Jones Day 175 KB
Jones, P 26 KB
Just Vacuums 14 KB
Just Vacuums (submission 2) 11 KB
Justice & International Mission, Synod of Victoria & Tasmania, Uniting Church in Australia 196 KB
Kay, D 138 KB
Kemp, K 347 KB
Kennedy, J 25 KB
Kepnock Residents Action Group 7.1 MB
Kiernan, T 27 KB
King, T 85 KB
Klerks, G 25 KB
Kosta, P 16 KB
Kouris, P 85 KB
Kypri, K 74 KB
Lacey, J 85 KB
Lanzon, R 25 KB
Large Format Retail Association 929 KB
Lateral Economics 115 KB
Law Council of Australia Business Law Section – Competition & Consumer Committee 824 KB
Law Council of Australia Business Law Section – IP Committee 270 KB
Law Council of Australia Business Law Section – SME Committee 697 KB
Lawrence, J 142 KB
Lawrence, J (submission 2) 13 KB
Leschen, R 26 KB
Leslie, P 24 KB
Local Government Association of Queensland 211 KB
Local Government Association of Tasmania 168 KB
Long, M 29 KB
Long, P 28 KB
Lynch Group QLD 12 KB
Lynch, T 82 KB
Mair, P 171 KB
Maleli, V 145 KB
Manly Council 493 KB
Manson, A 106 KB
Maribyrnong City Council 184 KB
Marks Supa IGA 2.01 MB
Marsden Jacob Associates 205 KB
Master Builders Australia 158 KB
Master Electricians Australia 262 KB
Master Grocers Australia and Liquor Retailers Australia 16.1 MB

1.4 MB

Mattingley, R 29 KB
McCusker Centre for Action on Alcohol and Youth 178 KB
McDougall, G 26 KB
McInnes, R 14 KB
Mclean, G 86 KB
McLeod, M 25 KB
McManus, J 87 KB
Medical Technology Association of Australia 102 KB
Melbourne Airport 894 KB
Menzies, G 49 KB
Minter Ellison 792 KB
Mitchelton IGA Express 8 KB
Moir, H 67 KB
Monash Business Policy Forum 77 KB
Morgan, W 26 KB
Morrison, C 29 KB
Motor Trades Association of Queensland 203 KB
Municipal Association of Victoria 145 KB
Myer Holdings 125 KB
Submissions listed alphabetically N-Z

Document name PDF
National Alliance for Action on Alcohol 426 KB
National Centre for Education and Training on Addiction 110 KB
National Competition Council 10 MB
National Disability Services 259 KB
National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre 56 KB
National Employment Services Association 832 KB
National Farmers Federation 644 KB
National Insurance Brokers Association of Australia 64 KB
National Irrigators’ Council 436 KB
National Organisation for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders 433 KB
National Retail Association 414 KB
National Roads and Motorists’ Association 784 KB
National Seniors Australia 848 KB
Neal, J 41 KB
New Generation Earthmoving Fabrications 16 KB
New Zealand Commerce Commission 2.08 MB
Nick’s Supa IGA 23 KB
Nolan, R 29 KB
Noonans IGA Express/BP Ashgrove 34 KB
Northern Territory Government 107 KB
NSW Business Chamber 533 KB
NSW Government 169 KB
NSW Irrigators' Council 158 KB
NSW Taxi Council 516 KB
O’Donnell, C 728 KB
Office of the Australian Small Business Commissioner 72 KB
Office of the Gene Technology Regulator 409 KB
Office of the NSW Small Business Commissioner 751 KB
Om Mahalaxmii Pty Ltd 35 KB
Optus 216 KB
Origin Energy 69 KB
Orr, K 85 KB
Our Children, Our School 85 KB
Packer, B 29 KB
Palmer, M 86 KB
Parrella, R 44 KB
Partnering for Transformation 113 KB
Pattenden, B 11 KB
Pedersen, M 138 KB
Penguin Random House 170 KB
Pharmaceutical Society of Australia 1.8 MB
Pharmacy Guild of Australia 11.0 MB
Phibbs, P 86 KB
Piercy, D 35 KB
Planning Institute of Australia 196 KB
Plastics and Chemicals Industries Association 351 KB
Poulier, M 31 KB
Pratap, R 30 KB
Priestley, C 1.6 MB
Prince Supermarkets 38 KB
Printing Industries Association of Australia 2.2 MB
Public Health Association of Australia 484 KB
Queensland Competition Authority 653 KB
Queensland Consumers Association 52 KB
Queensland Government 6.8 MB
Queensland Hotels Association 15 KB
Queensland IGA State Retail Board 649 KB
Queensland Law Society 262 KB
Queensland Nurses' Union 540 KB
Queensland Writers Centre 457 KB
Quinn, N 70 KB
Raitt, G 3.4MB
Ramsay Health Care 449 KB
RAWS Association 215 KB
RBB Economics 436 KB
Real Estate Institute of Australia 92 KB
Regional Victorian not-for-profit agencies 237 KB
Retail Guild of Australia 1.7 MB
Rio Tinto 295 KB
Ritchies Stores 34 KB
Robin Room 61 KB
Rodger, I 85 KB
Rose, G 86 KB
Roseworne, D 86 KB
Roy Hill Infrastructure 497 KB
Royal Australasian College of Physicians 480 KB
Rushbuey, G 26 KB
Russell Family Fetal Alcohol Disorders Association 56 KB
Ryans Supa IGA 193 KB
Rykris Pty Ltd 13 KB
SA Network of Drug and Alcohol Services 66 KB
Sandeva, V 84 KB
Sandeva, V (submission 2) 8 KB
Sandham, J 24 KB
Santos Retail 52 KB
Seafood Industry Victoria 173 KB
Seddon, N 45 KB
Shipping Australia Limited 452 KB
Shop Distributive and Allied Employees' Association 46 KB
Shopping Centre Council of Australia 164 KB
Sidney, J 11 KB
Sigma Pharmaceuticals 556 KB
Slaughter, T 29 KB
Small Business Development Corporation 776 KB
Smith, D 1.1 MB
South Australian Freight Council Inc 342 KB
South Australian Government 729 KB
South Australian Independent Retailers 547 KB
Spier Consulting Legal 138 KB
Spinifex Press 93 KB
Standards Australia Ltd 125 KB
Stanley, M 194 KB
Steensby, W 20 KB
Steinwall, R 63 KB
Stevenson, H 31 KB
Stevenson, H (submission 2) 26 KB
Stewart, I 153 KB
Suncorp Group 2.7 MB
Supa IGA Maryborough 28 KB
Supa IGA Pialba 31 KB
Surf Beach IGA 47 KB
Sydney Alliance for Community Building 78 KB
Tack, S 391 KB
Tasmanian Government 267 KB
Tasmanian Small Business Council 52 KB
Taxi Council Queensland 527 KB
Ted Noffs Foundation ACT 54 KB
Telstra 2.4 MB
Text Publishing Company 233 KB
The Australian Chamber of Fruit and Vegetable Industries 881 KB
Toys and Things 31 KB
Thomas, R 141 KB
Thompson, G 29 KB
Thurley, D 113 KB
Trad, K 307 KB
Transport Reform Network 311 KB
Tree Contractors Association Australia 10 KB
Turner, I 8 KB
Tyro Payments Limited 140 KB
Uber 1.0 MB
Unions NSW 421 KB
Uniting Care Australia 117 KB
UnitingCare Queensland 181 KB
Urban Development Institute of Australia 95 KB
Van de Zandt, A 27 KB
Vector Limited 345 KB
Vellenoweth, L 34 KB
Ventura Health 4.0 MB
Veryzer, J 192 KB
VicHealth 125 KB
Victorian Alcohol and other Drug Association 101 KB
Victorian Caravan Parks Association 386 KB
Victorian Local Governance Association 999 KB
Victorian Small Business Commissioner 422 KB
Virgin Australia 2.6 MB
Vodafone Hutchison Australia 265 KB
WA Independent Grocers Association 35 KB
Walton, F 40 KB
Water Services Association of Australia 531 KB
Watson, T 20 KB
Wesfarmers 80 KB
Westbury’s Mundingburra IGA 34 KB
Western Australian Local Government Association 479 KB
Western Australian Network of Alcohol and other Drug Agencies 61 KB
White’s Grocers 796 KB
Whitehead, R 10 KB
Whittaker, J 26 KB
Whitten, M 26 KB
Williams, S 25 KB
Wilson, J 44 KB
Woodward, L & Rubinstein, M 78 KB
Woolley, K 13 KB
Woolworths Limited 760 KB
Wright, D 175 KB
Wright, J 109 KB
Wright, J (submission 2) 299 KB
Wylie, I 321 KB
Zodins, K 85 KB