Making a Submission

The Competition Policy Review Panel has set a firm deadline of 17 November 2014 for the receipt of submissions on the Draft Report.  This deadline has been set to allow sufficient time for the Panel to fully consider all feedback from consultations, so that the Panel can meet its obligations to deliver a Final Report to the Government by March 2015. 

If submissions are received after this date, the Panel cannot be confident that it will be able to fully consider and test submission content, and still meet these external deadlines.  This is particularly so if late submissions suggest significant or extensive deviations from the Draft Report recommendations and findings.

If a submission is likely to be late, and also likely to propose significant or extensive deviations from the Panel’s Draft Report findings, submitters should informally raise the particular issues of concern with the Panel or Review Secretariat by email or phone, to maximise the chances of having submission content incorporated into the Panel’s deliberations for the Final Report.

Submissions are sought in relation to the Draft Report until 17 November 2014.

There are two options for making submissions online.

  1. Upload your submission
    You can upload a submission, in Word or PDF format. Non-confidential submissions lodged in this way will be published on this website.
  2. Have your say
    If you don't want to upload a submission you can simply make a comment on any aspect of the Draft Report. Your comments will be treated as a submission and published along with your name on the Competition Policy Review website unless you indicate that you would like your comments to remain in confidence.

Or you can post your submission to us at
Competition Policy Review Secretariat
The Treasury
Langton Crescent

Confidential submissions

If you would like your submission to be treated as confidential please refer to our Privacy Statement page before making a submission.