Issues Paper Submissions

The Issues Paper was released on 14 April 2014. Submissions closed on 10 June 2014. All non-confidential submissions are available to be viewed.

The opinions expressed in the submissions are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Government or the Competition Policy Review.

Submissions listed alphabetically A-C

Document name PDF
ABB Australia 37 KB
Accountants and More 19 KB
ADJ Consultancy Services 180 KB
Agforce QLD 370 KB
AIMIA Digital Policy Group 331 KB
Aldi Stores 6.75 MB
American Bar Association 122 KB
Anglo American Metallurgical Coal 239 KB
Anonomous, P 17 KB
Anonymous childcare 457 KB
Anonymous retailer 37 KB
Appco Group Australia 156 KB
Applied Medical 1.31 MB
Arblaster, M 103 KB
Arnold Bloch Leibler 2.55 MB
Asciano 618 KB
Aurizon Holdings Limited 5.63 MB
AURL (FoodWorks) 568 KB
AusBiotech 353 KB
Australasian Association of Convenience Stores 164 KB
Australasian Performing Right Association Limited and Australasian Mechanical Copyright Owners' Society 304 KB
Australia Marketing Pty Ltd 12 KB
Australian Airports Association 367 KB
Australian Automobile Association 4.44 MB
Australian Automobile Association (updated submission) 5.00 MB
Australian Automotive Dealer Association 1.00 MB
Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry 3.41 MB
Australian Chicken Growers' Council Limited 53 KB
Australian Clinical Psychologists 17 KB
Australian College of Theology 15 KB
Australian Communications Consumer Action Network 471 KB
Australian Competition and Consumer Commission 1.26 MB
Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (Submission 2) 222 KB
Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (Submission 3) 717 KB
Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (Submission 4) 581 KB
Australian Conservation Foundation 633 KB
Australian Copyright Council 107 KB
Australian Corporate Lawyers Association 150 KB
Australian Council of Trade Unions 951 KB
Australian Dairy Farmers Limited 816 KB
Australian Dental Association Inc. 1.05 MB
Australian Dental Industry Association 1.03 MB
Australian Diagnostic Imaging Association 459 KB
Australian Digital Alliance and Australian Libraries Copyright Committee 566 KB
Australian Education Union 87 KB
Australian Energy Market Commission 148 KB
Australian Energy Regulator 145 KB
Australian Food and Grocery Council 13.7 MB
Australian Forest Products Association 150 KB
Australian Friendly Societies Pharmacies Association 40 KB
Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association 765 KB
Australian Hotels Association 685 KB
Australian Industry Group 437 KB
Australian Information Industry Association 268 KB
Australian Institute of Petroleum 749 KB
Australian International Movers Association 96 KB
Australian Lawyers for Human Rights 83 KB
Australian Liquor Stores Association 185 KB
Australian Mines & Metals Association (AMMA) 414 KB
Australian Motor Industry Federation 5.97 MB
Australian National Retailers Association 9.09 MB
Australian Network of Environmental Defender's Offices 363 KB
Australian Newsagents' Federation 449 KB
Australian Organisation for Quality 186 KB
Australian Payments Clearing Association 155 KB
Australian Peak Shippers Association Inc. 1.29 MB
Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association 744 KB
Australian Physiotherapy Association 176 KB
Australian Pipeline Industry Association 594 KB
Australian Prawn Farmers Association 192 KB
Australian Private Hospitals Association 924 KB
Australian Recording Industry Association 90 KB
Australian Retailers Association 430 KB
Australian Society of Authors 448 KB
Australian Subscription Television and Radio Association 326 KB
Australian Taxi Industry Association 1.41 MB
Baker and McKenzie 44 KB
Baxt, Bob 129 KB
Beadman, B 14 KB
Beaton-Wells, C 491 KB
Beaton-Wells, C and Fisse, B 370 KB
Beck, K R 47 KB
Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, BOQ, ME Bank and Suncorp Bank 5.79 MB
BHP Billiton - updated submission 632 KB
Birve, A 10 KB
Board of Airline Representatives of Australia 956 KB
Bond University 128 KB
Border, A 16 KB
Brewers Association of Australia and New Zealand Inc. 730 KB
Bright, S 13 KB
Bus Industry Confederation 362 KB
Business Council of Australia 2.05 MB
Business Council of Australia (Submission 2) 301 KB
Business Council of Cooperatives and Mutuals 704 KB
Business SA 670 KB
Cabfare 153 KB
Callaghan, J 18 KB
Caltex Australia Limited 72 KB
Canegrowers 882 KB
CBH Group 144 KB
Cement Concrete and Aggregates Australia 154 KB
Cement Industry Federation 273 KB
Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland 155 KB
Chamber of Commerce and Industry (WA) 7.46 MB
Chemist Warehouse 241 KB
Chi-X Australia 700 KB
Cider Australia 482 KB
City of Whittlesea 821 KB
Clarke, G 19 KB
Clean Energy Council 40 KB
Coles Group Limited 403 KB
Collins, C 19 KB
Combined Small Business Alliance of WA 305 KB
Community and Public Sector Union 3.60 MB
Community Employers WA 224 KB
Complementary Healthcare Council of Australia 627 KB
Construction Material Processors Association 109 KB
Consult Australia 1.66 MB
Consumer Action Law Centre 1.05 MB
Consumers Health Forum of Australia 453 KB
Consumers Health Forum of Australia - Supplementary 806 KB
Consumers SA 54 KB
Consumers SA (updated submission) 187 KB
Consumers' Federation of Australia 293 KB
Copyright Agency 101 KB
Council of Private Higher Education Inc. 492 KB
Council of Small Business Organisations of Australia 229 KB
CPA Australia 113 KB
Credit Ombudsman Service Limited 85 KB
CSR Limited 43 KB
Customer Owned Banking Association 11 MB
Submissions listed alphabetically D-M

Document name PDF
Direct Selling Association of Australia 1.54 MB
Discover Murray River 4.92 MB
Drakes Supermarkets 3.07 MB
Duke, A 136 KB
eBay 1.23 MB
Edge, P. 185 KB
EnergyAustralia 191 KB
Energy Networks Association 646 KB
Energy Retailers Association of Australia 504 KB
Energy Supply Association of Australia 111 KB
Eqalex Underwriting Pty Ltd 209 KB
Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries 1.69 MB
Federation of National Associations of Ship Brokers and Agents 53 KB
Fels, A, Taylor, N and Smith, P 240 KB
Fels, Professor Allan AO 253 KB
Fletcher, M 13 KB
Forest Industries Federation (WA) 632 KB
Fortescue Metals Group Limited 177 KB
Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education 258 KB
Foxtel 155 KB
Fraser, B 15 KB
Friends of Hawker Village 62 KB
Gale, N 15 KB
Glencore Coal Australia 222 KB
Global Shippers' Forum 41 KB
Google Australia 524 KB
Government of South Australia 82 KB
GrainGrowers 466 KB
Greenpeace Australia, Wilderness Society, OXFAM Australia, GetUp!, Voiceless, Friends of the Earth, AidWatch 507 KB
Griffith and District Citrus Growers' Association 193 KB
Griggs, L & Nielsen, J 27 KB
Hawkins, M 9 KB
Herbert Smith Freehills 372 KB
Henderson MP, S 17.7MB
Housing Industry Association 525 KB
Hutchison Ports Australia 1.20 MB
in tempore Advisory 198 KB
Independent Supermarket Retailers Guild of SA 3.60 MB
Industry Super Australia 510 KB
Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia 104 KB
Institute of Public Accountants 128 KB
Institute of Public Accountants (Submission 2) 841 KB
Insurance Australia Group 220 KB
Insurance Council of Australia - updated submission 346 KB
International Bar Association (Antitrust Committee) 400KB
International Chamber of Shipping 101 KB
International Container Lines Committee (NZ) 95 KB
ITS Global 654 KB
Jedlickova, B 654 KB
Jewellers Association of Australia 1.33 KB
Jones Day 127 KB
Jones Day (Submission 2) 447 KB
Kagome Australia 3.12 MB
Kelly, V 101 KB
Kemp, K 131 KB
Kepnock Residents Action Group 8.9 MB
Kudis, R 86 KB
Large Format Retail Association 990 KB
Law Council of Australia, Business Law Section 839 KB
Law Council of Australia, Intellectual Property Committee 231 KB
Law Council of Australia - Small and Medium Enterprise Committee of the Business Law Section 659 KB
Law Council of Australia - Small and Medium Enterprise Committee of the Business Law Section (Submission 2) 321 KB
Lawson, C 447 KB
LCH.Clearnet 108 KB
Lloyd, J 394 KB
Lottery Agents Association of Tasmania 324 KB
Mair, P 47 KB
Margetts, D 12.5 MB
Master Builders Australia 159 KB
Master Builders Australia (Submission 2) 1.96 MB
Master Builders Australia (Submission 3) 148 KB
Master Grocers Australia 1.43 MB
McCusker Centre for Action on Alcohol and Youth 545 KB
Medibank Private 658 KB
Merger Streamlining Group 46 KB
Metcash Limited 143 KB
Miller, I 201 KB
Minerals Council of Australia 235 KB
Minter Ellison 191 KB
Momentum Energy 243 KB
Monash Business Policy Forum 1.2 MB
MTA Queensland 394 KB
Municipal Association of Victoria 3.35 MB
Submissions listed alphabetically N-Z

Document name PDF
Narulla, H 115 KB
National Alliance for Action on Alcohol 503 KB
National Australia Bank 2.77 MB
National Competition Council 134 KB
National Disability Services 32 KB
National Electrical and Communications Association 627 KB
National Farmers' Federation 691 KB
National Insurance Brokers Association of Australia 20 KB
National Roads and Motorists Association 571 KB
National Seniors Australia 1.31 MB
NBN Co 280 KB
Nehme, M and Laman, J 387 KB
Nelson, D 507 KB
News Corp 622 KB
NPS MedicineWise 120 KB
NSW Business Chamber 112 KB
NSW Government 641 KB
NSW Taxi Council 4.2MB
O'Donnell, C 248 KB
Office of the Small Business Commissioner 52 KB
Optometry Australia 377 KB
Origin Energy Limited 56 KB
Palermo, V A 21 KB
Papworth, A 16 KB
Pharmacy Guild of Australia 4.00 MB
Paramedical Services Pty Ltd 74 KB
Pharmaceutical Society of Australia 2.74 MB
Phonographic Performance Company of Australia 849 KB
Planning Institute of Australia 719 KB
Plastics and Chemicals Industries Association 629 KB
Priestley, C 2.3 MB
Priestley, C (second submission) 1.8 MB
Printing Industries Association of Australia 4.58 MB
Productivity Commission 447 KB
Proud, K 102 KB
Queensland Competition Authority 679 KB
Queensland Dairyfarmers Organisation 54 KB
Queensland Farmers' Federation 114 KB
Queensland Law Society 1.28 MB
Raitt, G 3.02 MB
RBB Economics 227 KB
Recruitment and Consulting Services Association 103 KB
Restaurant & Catering Australia 964 KB
Retail Guild of Australia 568 KB
Rhydderch, A 10 KB
Rio Tinto 186 KB
Ron Finemore Transport 534 KB
Rosenwald, A 21 KB
Routledge, J 15 KB
RSPCA Australia 185 KB
Runacres, S 14 KB
Seddon, N 23 KB
Shipping Australia Ltd 764 KB
Shop Distributive and Allied Employees Association 687 KB
Shopping Centre Council of Australia 232 KB
Sigma Pharmaceuticals Limited 326 KB
SingTel Optus Pty Ltd 663 KB
Slavery Links Australia 82 KB
Small Business Development Corporation, WA 2.43 MB
SP AusNet 208 KB
Spalding, N 15 KB
SPAR Australia Limited 67 KB
Spier Consulting 303 KB
Spier Consulting (second submission) 681 KB
Standards Australia 156 KB
Stanley, M B 12.9 MB
Stern, S 341 KB
Stewart, I 697 KB
Summerfield, M 456 KB
Suncorp Group 578 KB
Sydney Airport Corporation Limited 6.76 MB
Symbion Pharmacy Services 1.64 MB
Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association 623 KB
Tasmanian Government 168 KB
Tasmanian Small Business Council 22 KB
Telstra Corporation Limited 444 KB
Terceiro Legal Consulting 226 KB
The Australia Institute 782 KB
The Co-Op 337 KB
The Industry Group 1.86 MB
The Infrastructure Group 78 KB
Truman Hoyle 3.51 MB
United Energy and Multinet Gas 920 KB
United States Federal Trade Commission 290 KB
Uniting Church in Australia 708 KB
Urban Development Institute of Australia 270 KB
Urban Taskforce Australia 314 KB
Victorian Branch of the Australian Dental Association 567 KB
Vodafone Hutchison Australia 410 KB
Voiceless 392 KB
WA Independent Grocers Association 1.78 MB
Walker, M 223 KB
Water Services Association of Australia 5.10 MB
Wesfarmers Limited 842 KB
Wildlife Tourism Australia 20 KB
White's Grocers 508 KB
Wills-Johnson, N 19 KB
Wishart, D 39 KB
Woodward L & Rubinstein M 114 KB
Woolworths Ltd 6.31 MB
Zoo and Aquarium Association 331 KB